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Tripe X - Raw Green Tripe Patties

Tripe X - Raw Green Tripe Patties

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Introducing Tripe X-Raw Green Tripe Patties with Blueberries and kale in a convenient patty-form.

  • Each box contains 35 patties each sliced into 200 grams portions.
  • Easy to defrost and serve.

Tripe X - Raw Green Tripe Patties

Contains a rich blend of beef green tripe, lamb green tripe and venison green tripe with blueberries and kale. Green tripe contains digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria which assist with digestion. Dogs with allergies will benefit the most from consuming green tripe as it reduces the symptoms of food sensitivities.

Kale and blueberries are melatonin  rich, high in vitamin k and vitamin c. they are also rich in anti-oxidants which strengthens the immune system and can prevent cancer and other diseases. These anti-oxidants are also good in supporting dogs with kidney disease. This super-food can prevent cancer and disease.

Green tripe can lure in even the fussiest of dogs and can be used to help transition a dog over from a kibble diet to a raw diet with ease. Green tripe is also an excellent addition to a sick dogs diet.

Some of the health benefits of green tripe for dogs are:

  • Healthier skin and coat.
  • Reduction in allergy symptoms and skins conditions.
  • Improves digestion and the absorption of nutrient.
  • Reduction in digestive orders and problems.
  • An overall improvement to general health.

This patty can be used as a topper or as a treat. It can be served frozen on a hot day.

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