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Vondi's Khakibos Flea Repellent Powder - 100g

Vondi's Khakibos Flea Repellent Powder - 100g

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Khakibos is a plant native to South Africa that offers proven and effective protection from fleas. We at Vondis are so confident in its flea repellent power that we offer not one but two separate applications of Khakibos Flea Repellent.

Our Khakibos Tick & Flea Repellent Range is a favourite among our clients for effectively combating fleas. In addition, Khakibos Flea Repellent Powder is easy to apply. Furthermore, it is ideal for indoor pets as the powder is easy to clean. 

In addition, it is all-natural and the safest option for pups of all ages. It is completely safe if licked or accidentally ingested. 

Khakibos Flea Repellent Powder

The fight against fleas

No pet parent wants to see their companion animals suffering pain or discomfort. Therefore, we will often go to any length and price to get them the relief they deserve.

Fortunately, our Vondis Khakibos Tick & Flea Repellent Range is a safe, effective, and also affordable treatment for fleas. But how bad can things get if fleas go untreated?


When thinking of fleas, this risk does not cross one’s mind, but these parasites can carry tapeworm eggs. Those eggs enter your dog’s digestive system during grooming and wreak havoc on their health and wellbeing.


The nasties get their nourishment by stealing and breaking your dog’s blood down into the nutrients they need. But, unfortunately, that comes at a high cost to your dog. 

One flea only steals minuscule amounts of blood. Still, thousands of fleas can lead to severe deficiencies when left untreated, including anaemia.

Canine Bartonellosis

If smuggling parasites didn’t already make fleas a bigger threat, they also boast a portfolio of dangerous strands of bacteria. One of the bacteria fleas hosts is a particularly dangerous strand.

You may already know it by name; Bartonella is a potentially life-threatening bacteria that infects most mammal species to devastating results. 

Khakibos Tick & Flea Repellent Powder – 100g

As with all things in life, prevention is better than cure. So invest in your canine companion’s good health and keep them free from the dangers of a flea infestation. Remember, the cleanest, healthiest dogs make the biggest targets for fleas.

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